TD Station and COVID

Please visit the Province of New Brunswick WEB SITE for up to date information.

With the present situation in the world concerning the spread of a more serious strain of the flu virus, TD Station will be taking a higher level of precautions to reduce the chances of people getting exposed to the virus while in the arena. The Health and Welfare of our staff and our patrons is always our concern and this present situation is no different. That being said we will enhance our regular cleaning program and are initiating procedures with our staff to provide the public an environment that is as clean as possible.
Extra procedures:
– Staff will be addressed before every event to reiterate the program and the measures the facility is taking as well as the responsibility of each individual to protect themselves as well as the public.
– The Custodial Staff will have expanded duties especially in the frequency of disinfecting surfaces.
– More public notices will be posted promoting personal hygiene procedures throughout the arena.
– Hand Disinfectant locations will be expanded with increased signage.
– We will be promoting the suggested PERSONAL HYGIENE message on our score clock video as well as all internal TV information boards and the outside marquee.

The Health Authorities are promoting the 4 MAJOR STEPS in regards to dealing with personal hygiene and to minimalize the spread of the flu virus:
1. The #1 main step – Thoroughly WASH YOUR HANDS for a minimum of 20 seconds frequently with soap and water.
2. AVOID touching your face anywhere with unwashed hands.
3. COVER your mouth with your arm or use tissues when coughing or sneezing. Wash your hands afterwards.
4. STAY HOME if you are sick.
Added precautions are:
A. Be vigilant around people who have recently travelled.
B. Do not visit people in hospitals or long term care facilities if you are sick.
C. If you are feeling sick STAY AT HOME and avoid large gatherings.

Staff will monitor the most current and reliable information that is provided by the Authorities (The Province of New Brunswick) and adapt and make changes as needed.

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